Today, motorsport success relies largely on data analysis. Important factors include tyre and brake disc temperatures. We are proud to introduce our new thermal cameras, delivering real-time, precise contactless temperature readings.
Measured data is sent over CAN BUS and can be recorded and displayed by other devices (e.g.ADU). Our user configurable sensors take precise reading (error less than 3°C) at up to 16 points per tyre with a range from 0° to 255°C (tyres temperature sensor) or up to 950°C (brake disc version).
All data is transmitted with a frequency of up to 50Hz over the flexible user configurable CAN stream allowing for easy integration of our sensors with any data system. Is worth mentioning that a fully accessible CAN stream configuration enables the use of multiple sensors in one car
without the risk of messages IDs clashing.
Τιμή στο κατάστημα: € 320.00
Τιμή στο internet: € 320.00