The Haldex controller is an essential device for every competitor using a car equipped with a Haldex 4Motion system in drag racing. Our Haldex controller provides an option for complete engagement during start and automatic disengagement above a user selected speed. A huge advantage is the fact that it does not require any additional sensors, which allows for the 4Motion system to be used in cars without ABS. The device can be successfully used in everyday cars, where rear drive engage can be seamlessly adjusted with a potentiometer.

Key features
  • full control of torque transfer
  • vehicle speed based progressive rear disengagement
  • differential oil over-temperature protection
  • configuration and parameters logging using a Microsoft Windows client

Important: Critical Haldex modification required inside oem controller. Non stock functionality after installation.

Τιμή στο κατάστημα: € 380.00
Τιμή στο internet: € 380.00