PRO EMS v2 Lotus 2zz


Our product is dedicated for all Lotus S2 enthusiasts, this system is a great upgrade for your car because it gives you full control over your engine parameters without needing any modifications to the original wiring harness.

The ECU comes unlocked with all functions enabled including traction control , pit limiters , launch controls and much more.

A great feature included in the EMU black is the Wide band lambda controller which is built in, along side knock control, full VVT access and lift is also supported.

The Lotus Heat soak pump functionality is also retained this is very important and our ECU as a standalone ECU keeps this feature !!

The EMU black Supports all versions of instruments panels, a plus with this also is if you are using a v box unit there are options for more channels and this can be recorded and streamed. The lotus OEM can bus can only stream coolant temp and rpm, however our ECU can access all canbus options like tps, cranking etc for extra data analysis.

Τιμή στο κατάστημα: € 1300.00
Τιμή στο internet: € 1300.00