Ultratech A320 (3.2") and A430 (4.3'") dashes

  • Adjustable brightness (20-100%)
  • Engine load direct selection (bar relative or Kpa absolute)
  • 4x CAN switches with feedback (for table switch, boost, launch etc)
  • Metric or Imperial unit selection (individually)
  • CAN speed selection
  • Quick access to next & previous pages
  • Graphical wheel speed display 
  • Flags page for quick troubleshooting
  • Critical sensor PEAK values page
  • 32bit processor for fast display
  • CAN bus or serial communication (* no CAN switching available when on serial connection)
  • Touch high intensity TFT screen
  • CNC aluminum case
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Custom initial logos available
  • Extra analog inputs & outputs (CAN assigned) in next firmware releases (hardware supported)
  • OBD version to be released soon.
Τιμή στο κατάστημα: € 380.00
Τιμή στο internet: € 380.00