Inline PRO Race Spec F20C/F22C Timing Chain Tensio

As you may already know, there are many problems 
associated with the stock timing chain tensioner.

Here are some of the most common problems
that develop with the stock unit:

-The timing chain stretches and the guides wear over
 time creating excessive slack in the overall assembly.

-When throttle is lifted after a high rpm pull, the sudden
change in momentum causes excessive slack in the timing chain.
This also causes a sudden change in oil pressure
in the stock tensioner.

-Sudden downshifts in the transmission or engine braking also
 further exaggerates the slack in the chain mechanism.

-Installing higher tension valve springs and high lift
camshafts will also contribute to the problem with chain slack.

-The most common problem is the noise associated with start-up
and idling, which has to do with lack of oil pressure behind
the tensioner piston and excessive wear on the worn screw gear.

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